The Career and Counseling Cell functions under the control and supervision of the Dean, Students Welfare. The Career Counseling Cell is a part of the activities of the office of Dean, Students Welfare of the University. The Career Counseling Cell seeks to add value to the young minds of students of the University of Delhi both in terms of exposure, longer term vision, career choices, key skills required, skill gaps and guidance in overcoming their social exclusivity. It aims at helping candidates to understand their key strengths, overcome their weaknesses if any and help them map their potency for the Society at large - Corporate, Government, NGO and Academic Sector. It endeavors to deliver both at Centralized level and in decentralize way at different colleges.

Objectives of Career and Counseling Cell

The University of Delhi being India’s premier higher education setup, has a very large footprint in terms of student number, courses, streams, colleges, regional access and academic background. DU is a truly global university now and therefore the objectives of Career and Counseling Cell are to strengthen the Core Competencies of the student community of the university. The major area of functioning is:
  • Identification of student potentiality and mapping their competencies.
  • Working as a platform for molding the students according to the requirements of the corporate world.

The students are no doubt one of the country’s best available human resources. There, however, is a scope of improvement in terms of the following:

  • Presentation skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Aptitude
  • Understanding of Industry culture and practices
  • Understanding of Inter –Personal Skills

The Cell provides counseling in the following fields:

  1. Career Counseling/Vocational Counseling in homogenous groups.
  2. Counseling individual students and mapping their personal requirements, goals and vision.
  3. Mapping candidate’s proficiency, likes and dislikes and counseling ways for self enhancement.
  4. Counseling for improving communication skills at different levels - among different heterogeneous groups.
  5. Counseling on Social and personal issues like Gender & Sexuality, Interpersonal relationship, adjustment, Family problems, etc.
  6. Counseling for improving team work aptitude and self motivation.
  7. Competency mapping relevant to specific subjects, specific domains and specific group of employing sector – NGO, Corporate , Public Sector, Academic sector, and others.
  8. Counseling students in improving their academic grades and enhancing their analytical skills.
  9. Counseling on avenues outside Delhi University and abroad.
  10. Counseling on enriching the students within through varied philosophical, art oriented and different discourses and workshops.
  11. Providing guidance in building their CV’s, personal reports, personal visions and agendas for designing their individual applications.
  12. Generating Counseling reports and feedback- giving them insight into their strengths and weaknesses, how they can approach different kinds of jobs and what could be possible self-help ways to improve employability.
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