The Summit of Olympus is a three day Skill Building Workshop based Summit presented by The Office of the Dean, Studentsí Welfare, The Career and Counseling Cell, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi and Central Placement Cell of University of Delhi. The Summit will bring together some of the best minds in the country to develop and hone their leadership potential. The Summit aims to break away from the hackneyed and conventional format of lecturing aiming to make the sessions more participative and interactive for the participants. The target audience thus consists of seniors and juniors pursuing a Bachelors degree who are driven by a sense of purpose and a quest to learn more.

The theme for the summit is inspired by Greek Mythology. Named after the abode of Greek immortals, the Summit of Olympus is a 7-session summit on all aspects of leadership encompassing communication, conflict resolution, nurturing individuals, influencing people, motivating employees, leading and managing people and building an effective team. The Greek influence can be observed in that each workshop has been named after a Greek God, bringing forth a confluence between the content of the session and what that particular immortal stands for. For instance, the session on creating breakthrough communication has been christened "Hermes' Hour." Hermes was the messenger of gods; he was a patron of orators and poets

The fact that eminent personalities and trainers will be conducting the workshops is likely to turn heads however to increase individual learning and stake at the Summit. A total of 60 students will be short listed on the basis of a Competitive Application Process developed by some of the most experienced members of faculty and bright young minds, using the most recent psychometric techniques possible; thus assuring a conducive environment where rigorous learning and development can take place.


Leading and Managing People | Zeusí Enigma

Zeus. The king of the gods. The ruler of Mount Olympus. His aura captivated all gods. He created the concept of Leadership. Leadership is based on the power to inspire; the power to inspire others to follow. This session acquaints the participant with the fundamental principles of human behavior; person, the logic and emotion, and how to mould it to achieve results from others along with reinvention of oneself as a leader.

Creating Breakthrough Communication | Hermesí Hour.

Hermes was the messenger of gods; he was a patron of orators and poets. His speech was his divinity. Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel. To get the listener to ones own level of thought one needs to be clear, yet concise; assertive, yet not intimidating; diplomatic and tactful, yet speak with a sincerity that forces others to have faith in you. Hermesí hour aims at creating the confidence level and acquiring these effective communication skills.

The Game of Motivation | Apolloís Torch

Apollo is the god of light. Light is truth, light is clarity. Clarity Motivates. And it is this clarity and guidance of the light which makes life beautiful. Three ingredients for a good life: learning, earning and yearning. To outperform themselves people need a significant motivation, some incentive to give their best and strive for excellence. This session, through activities, explains how motivation works in the corporate environment .

Effective Team and Relationship Building | Dionysusí Teamwork

Dionysus is the god of festivals and merriment. He symbolizes social, gregarious and beneficial behavior. Relationships are best nurtured in a merry and congenial environment. Effective relationship building is often an arduous yet very vital task itoday. External relationships often donít just work with the inspiration and motivation that the internals function on. To learn how to tactfully create, maintain and sustain the fragile relationships, this session has mainly relationship building exercises in store.

Conflict Resolution & Negotiation | The Arch of Ares

Ares is the god of warfare and bloodlust. War and slaughter in todayís corporate world means conflict. Conflict is detrimental to the functioning of every organization. To help participants cope with any arising disagreement, this session has a variety of teaching techniques focussing on a "mutual gains" approach to conflict, emphasizing long term relationships and lasting agreements.

Problem Solving & Decision Making | Athena's Wisdom

Athena is the wisest of all gods. She is the goddess of wisdom, strategy and reason. The above are essential in forming a foundation to problem solving and decision making. Problem solving is a mental process which is considered the most complex of all intellectual functions, and we are faced by problems day in and day out. This gives birth to Decision Making. Decision making is a reasoning or emotional process which can be rational or irrational. Thus the aim of this session is to ensure that you solve your problems by arriving at decisions which are intelligent and in sync with the group goal.

Identify Your Calling | Themis' Order

Themis is the Greek goddess of natural order, the embodiment of divine law. She will help you find your true identity, as nature intended it to be. Not many of us truly know who we are, what our fortes are and where the road we're on leads us to. Identification of ones personality type is an asset to the future leader. Realising who you are and using it for optimal benefit to yourself and the organisation is one of the most vital strengths of a leader. This is what we aim for in this session where the participants will find themselves classified into different personality types and will learn how to use this information to their greatest advantage.

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