Blanchard International India is an affiliate of Ken Blanchard Companies , USA. The Ken Blanchard Companies is a global leader in leadership effectiveness, workplace learning, and productivity and performance solutions. We help companies improve their performance, productivity, and bottom-line results.
The company was founded in 1979 by Dr. Ken Blanchard, with the dream to unleash the potential and power of people and organizations for the greater good. As a leading expert in training and development, we work with some of the world’s largest organizations to drive lasting behavioral change that has measurable impact.
Dr. Ken Blanchard is the co-author of the timeless Blanchard best-sellers! Some of these are:

Our Approach: - We listen. Lead. Define. Motivate. Collaborate. Uncover business problems. Implement proven solutions. Help people navigate interpersonal relationships. Work together more effectively. Increase productivity and performance. Assist leaders to better define their vision of what can be. Drive organizational change. We make a difference.


Dr. Punita Taneja

Mrs. Rohini Khuller Modayil

Blanchard’s commitment to leadership extends beyond the corporate world. We help link education with business and we create empowered students. Walking in with skills like effective communication, goal setting, utilizing strengths, and problem solving abilities give students an “edge up” in the job market. Please for more information.

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