Core Excellence is a Management Training and Consulting Company committed to the cause of organizational excellence through development and delivery of practical training programs & quality business consulting. It provides training and performance enhancement solutions in several areas of organizational development.

Dedicated to achieve positive changes in human resource and organizations, we have a suite of programmes, supported with customized consultancy services. Modelled against the best frameworks, these solutions are divided into following core areas of excellence that are designed to address any organization requirements.


Core Excellence' Training focuses on knowledge transfer, skill acquisition & behaviour change. Our Executive /Management Development Programmes help to create knowledgeable, skilful and competent people .Visit for details on some of these programmes.

Target Audience - Core Excellence' Development Programs are designed for both front-line personnel, management staff and employees at all levels & students (graduate/post graduate)

Client Profile - Indian , multinational, private , public,govt. & joint ventures, power, oil, trading, cellular services, real estate , infrastructure, media, hospitality, consumer electronics,healthcare, retail, logistics, service, automobile, manufacturing, business process outsourcing, communications solutions, network marketing, engineering,mgt. institutes etc


Core Excellence' Skills Training & Career Coaching provides specialized career training for technical. management colleges, universities and leading educational institutions. It provides customized training tailored to meet the rigor of diploma and/or degree programs to ensure graduating students or continuing education students are equipped to enter the workforce with competitive real-world competencies.


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